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JETBeam RRT-0 Flashlight Overview and Detailed Pictures

JETBeam RRT-0 Flashlight Overview and Detailed Pictures

  • Model: JETBeam RRT-0 (R2) Flashlight
  • Specially designed for Military, Law Enforcement, Self-defense, Hunting, Search & Rescue, and the Outdoorsman.
  • The Rapid Response Control Ring allows the user to easily select different brightness levels.
  • Five levels of brightness to choose from
  • Optional low/lower low mode
  • Stainless steel rapid response control ring, very reliable and durable
  • Stainless steel bezels protect the head and tail cap from drops and impacts
  • Stainless steel crenelated bezel can be used as a glass breaker or defensive tool
  • CREE R2
  • LED Input voltage for RRT-0 is 0.8-4.2V
  • Max output reaches 240 lumen with an effective range of 200 meters
  • New hybrid reflector specially designed for CREE LED, which allows for better beam quality, efficiency and throw capability
  • Newly designed high efficiency broad voltage drive circuit
  • Compatible with AA NiMH, CR123, RCR123 and 14500 rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • Floating positive end, designed for better contact
  • Built-in intelligent Li-ion rechargeable batteries protection circuit
  • Able to Tail stand
  • Impact-resistant accords with US MIL-STD-810F
  • IPX 8 standard waterproof
  • Dimension: Head/Tail Diameter 25.4 mm, Tube Diameter 20.5mm, Total Length 97mm
  • Weight: 86g
Output & Runtime:

Using CR123, RCR123, or 14500 Li-ion Battery
  • High Mode 240 Lumen, 45 min
  • Daily Mode 50 Lumen, 7.5 hours
  • Mid Mode 25 Lumen, 12 hours
  • Low Mode 10 Lumen, 20 hours
  • Lower low Mode 1 Lumen, 100 hours

Using AA Battery
  • High Mode 180 Lumen, 45 min
  • Daily Mode 50 Lumen, 5 hours
  • Mid Mode 25 Lumen, 10 hours
  • Low Mode 10 Lumen, 15 hours
  • Lower Low Mode 1 Lumen, 80 hours

Without AA Extender

With AA Extender

RRT-0, RRT-2, RRT-1 Raptor Family Shot

Milky ME1B Transformer, NDI, RRT-0, LF3XT

Without AA Extender - Just under 10cm or about 3 3/4 inches

With AA Extender - About 11.5cm or 4 1/2 inches

I finally got some night time beam shots in my back yard for y'all. It is about 40 feet to the corner of the fence. All lights are on high setting.

The Playing Field

The RRT-0 is using the smooth Hybrid reflector and protected AW RCR123A in all shots. All other lights are using
protected AW Lithium rechargeable battery's also.

High - 240 Lumen - 45 Minutes

Daily Use - 50 Lumen - 7.5 Hours

Mid Mode - 25 Lumen - 12 Hours

Low Mode - 10 Lumen - 20 Hours

Lower Low Mode - 1 Lumen - 100 Hours

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